Posted by: John | September 27, 2009

Lynne Featherstone: Location, location, location

Why does Lynne do it?

It seems the lap dancing club to which she assisted objectors has been rejected by the relevant committee.

She claims it’s all about location yet doesn’t answer specific questions about what `location` means.

In the end – this is about location. That has always been the point and the reason for upset for local people. This was just the wrong place.

She then goes on to say:

Lap Off is the name of the campaign. I hope that the licensing panel will turn it down on May 14 – and I hope to be able to speak to support the campaigners on the night. With Rokesley School literally a stone’s throw away, Hornsey Girls School just around the corner, and both Action for Kids (a charity for young people with learning disabilities) and the YMCA with vulnerable residents all within a tiny distance – in my view it would never in a million years qualify for a license under the new legislation. And what woman or girl would honestly feel completely comfortable getting off at the bus stop outside such a club at night when they return home from an evening out?

Can we have some real answers please or at least enlighten us as to the real findings about why a highly licensed and regulated lap dancing club is so detrimental to vulnerable people, young women walking and Hornsey Girls School?

Or is it really that she doesn’t think they should exist at all?


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