Posted by: John | September 16, 2009

It’s time to get tough with the narrative

Yet another Labour/Tory head to head that sheds about as much light as a diamond in a coalmine.

Yet another wasted opportunity in which we could have put out our stall. If you’re not in the fight you’re merely spectating. When people watch a boxing ring very few are taking in the full picture (ie the boxers, the ref AND the audience).

So at the moment these are the two narrative the BBC are CHOOSING to put out via party spindoctors:

1. Labour – you’ve had the good times, well most of the well-off did, and there was temporary trickle-down. Now there are the bad times because of those pesky rich bankers (not us) so we want to make sure those on lower incomes  don’t lose out due to our own incompetence/naivety/lying. (whisper it quickly – when all the figures are added up there’s not that much change since 1997 for those on lower incomes, almost like the boom never happened, but the Tories would kill babies) cough cough (louder voice) only Labour will protect frontline services and the Tories don’t believe in anything good.

2. Tories – Since we’re going to have to make cuts anyway we may as well get it over and done with. We can’t tell you any specifics right now because it’s not political expedient to do so because we don’t have access to the books. (whispers quickly `It’s lucky that no one notices how we don’t jump up and down about such an infringement of the democratic process – well we’re not really into that democracy stuff you know `giving power away` unless IT HELPS THE TORIES and who knows we may need it cough cough (louder voice) Labour are incompetent and wouldn’t know how to run a bath – trust the Tories to pull us out of the recession and protect frontline services.

So where do we come in? Vince has set out ideas – we need to ensure we have it crystal clear what we will cut and who it will affect. And please can we ensure that we keep the £700 TAX REDUCTION FOR THE LOWEST PAID.


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