Posted by: John | September 13, 2009

What ISA says about Labour

I fear that this fag-end Government is going to dump a big turd of a law onto us with the ISA. As I’ve said in other posts I’m not against the barring of individuals who are going through the legal process or have done so with regard to abuse of children and adults. What I am against are the guidelines and criteria that may needlessly halt blameless careers.

Rather like the Major Government in ’97 with the privatisation of the railways (an irreversible hodge-podge ill-thought out piece of ideological legislation of which we are still suffering) I fear that the ISA may be the same.

What’s really going on here? Simply the prolonging of a cultural identity as a `legacy` – so that when they don’t have power they have power. Remember, Labour was not just about changing things – it was also about restructuring the power elites and levelling the playing field between one set of `old boys` with another. Sensing the way the wind’s blowing they no longer want to achieve anything new – simply to stamp their view on the world as much as possible while they have the chance.

Why is the ISA so politically interesting? It`s really the culmination of a culture, an attitude, a thought process taken to its extreme point that equates intention and perception with action. Never mind that the thing might be unworkable, impractical or illiberal – it’s about trying to create the ideal society with ideal people. Of course it’s doomed to failure as it’s our fallibilities and eccentricities that makes us human. Take away those and you have machines.

There’s a divide in British politics happening – between `cultural sameness` and `cultural self-awareness`. It’s the idea, for instance, that the same or similar cultural experience should be had in each license premise ie that no one must offend anyone EVER by `designing out flawed individuals` rather than `having an organicly grown meeting place culture that individuals culturally self-select and go where they feel comfortable`.

It’s the same on the Gay scene – there are bear bars, bars for younger people, bars for women – and no politician is going to change that though you’d imagine new Labour will make a damn fist of trying.

What it also says is that we are really being ruled (I hesitate to use the word Governed) by a clique within a clique that has absolutely no intention of doing the hard graft that make laws WORK – this casual attitude of governing (like the Tories in London) is very disturbing.

In essence, we are being run by imbeciles with not much more intellectual capacity than my cat.

The other problem is a lack of leadership. Tony Blair squandered his with Iraq. Gordon Brown is so flawed  himself he simply cannot lead. No one’s standing up for the hard truths in society.

Fact: the ISA may not save one child from abuse

Fact: Most abuse is undertaken within the family or friends of the family

Fact: In a country of 61 million people shit happens – barring blameless people who  simply seem `suspicious` to the authorities from working will not change that

Fact: This could damage community trust and thus create more problems

Fact: This is a charter for community snoopers – look a bit different? Have an alternative lifestyle? What, you not filled out the ISA form yet? Tsk, tsk.

Let’s face it – Labour’s style of governing is about as old-fashioned as bell-bottomed trousers. Now that everyone knows they can’t stop recessions they are trying to pretend that they can stop ANYTHING BAD HAPPENING TO ANYONE. After all, if they don’t have that what do they have? They  already debauched the political system by pretending they had halted recessions by dragooning last-minute voters in 2005 away from the Lib Dems to save the skins of a few Labour MPs. Now they’ll be saying `vote for us we will end child abuse and terrorism`.

What else have they got to go on but `elf and safety, ISA and fear of the bogeyman to save a few more seats next May?


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