Posted by: John | September 12, 2009

What is `soft intelligence`?

From OUTeverywhere website:

The area of “soft intelligence” has expanded. The police in one area might have felt that had case a good case but could not proceed, but kept the information anyway for enhanced CRB checks, but the information stayed with them.

Do we know what this includes and where the line is drawn? Will there be a `sunset clause` to reassess the situation in 2011? Will there be definitions of what is considered `high risk` and not. For instance, would a Gay man with a cottaging offence say from 20 years ago be included? What about someone with a picture on a swingers website? Or had a drugs offence when a youth? Where does it all end? And can individuals prove that they have changed?

My fear is that without precise definitions for the Enhanced check we are in danger of walking into a big brother state.

New Labour has always wrapped itself around a psychological and philosophical framework of defaulting to the `normal` or those who lead lives that are `innocuously bland`. The picture of the neatly dressed and sensible hairstyle of the women in the ’97 Labour literature was a default character not simply a marketing ploy rather like 1984 is becoming their handbook not a warning.

It fails to acknowledge that people are individuals that make their own mistakes and have their own faults. No, the march to perfection must continue apace and it is this that is the REAL philosophy of new Labour. Come on, get a job, get a house, get a beautiful partner, spend loads of money on stuff you don’t need and for heavens sake don’t be over-eccentric!

No, it’s all gone too far. This is a failed fag end Government bankrupt intellectually whose only role they see is to stay in power and try to put up false dividing walls between people and parties. If they had a shred of decency about them they’d get Gordon to call an election after the conference.

Everyone knows they can’t govern for toffee and thus will be out for a generation.


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