Posted by: John | September 12, 2009

What’s Lynne Featherstone really up to?

I note her posting on the lapdancing club

First from the posting:

And then to the presentations by objectors. First up Cllr Dave Winskill (LibDem) who gave the background to the campaign, described the location (and in the end it is the location that makes this application ungrantable – if that’s a word) and put the application in context of the high level strategies that are meant to guide councillors and officers in how to achieve the sort of borough we want for ourselves and our children.

Off to a good start then it’s ungrantable due to location

Then it all goes wrong

When the Council’s own licensing policy says that there is a duty to promote safety and wellbeing etc……… She also, despite the difficulty, described explicitly what lap-dancing was (unlike the applicant’s answer above) with precise detail about proximity and touching – too explicit for me to put on blog.

Oh come come aren’t we all ADULTS here – let’s not frighten the coach and horses, eh?

avoidance of public nuisance, protection of children, prevention of crime and disorder – and told us about the effects that the granting of this license would have on their neighbourhood, their schools, their town centre and their children.

Bring out the sick bucket – neighbourhood I can understand when it comes to noise etc but schools? Of course when in doubt always mention the children.

Then the Head of Hornsey Girls School gave a fluent and effective argument against granting the application for the well being and safety of the 1400 girls at Hornsey High – just around the corner.

Why? What do they think is going to happen?

This was not a moral crusade – but an outpouring of the real worries about the damage that the local community would suffer if this lap dancing club were to open its doors at that location. And that was the real point – the scale of opposition was all to do with the location – near six schools, two churches, Action for Kids (vulnerable people with learning difficulties), the YMCA and right, slap, bang in the middle of a normal shopping high street in a highly residential area.

Nah, no moral crusade. Not at all. Just vilification of a group of people doing something completely legal and the people that throw their money away spend money on them.

I wouldn’t mind as much if Lynne actually bothered answering questions on this blog for instance `where should one of these legal establishments be sited?` `How is the siting of schools (that I would imagine are open at very different times to the lapdancing club) got to do with the lapdancing club. What have the churches got to do with it?`

Sorry Lynne you claim not to be on a moral crusade. There are only two views on this

a) you’re not on a moral crusade but  you’re going along with moral reasoning – in which case you’re just the same as every other run of the mill pumping votes for the puritanical

b) you are on a moral crusade in which case I’d have to question your liberal beliefs

I want to make it clear I have no axe to grind about lap dancing clubs – as a Gay man I find their attraction rather strange. What I think is neither here nor there. These highly regulated businesses ARE legal and allowed to exist. The point is, where? You provide no answers and it almost seems as if you don’t believe they should exist.

Get real Lynne – you’re a first term politician and either you’re playing to the gallery or simply wearing illiberal colours on your sleeve. The first reason is understandable (though demeans you) the second unsettles me.

Which is it?



  1. The evidence that made the Government change the law and move lap-dancing clubs from having licenses the same as pubs and clubs to the licenses that the sex trade has is the same as the arguments against the location here. It is just simplistic to say that anything goes anywhere.

  2. Lynne, I never said they should be sited anywhere. Noise, parking etc are always considerations for late-night establishments. I see from history that this site was refused a pub.

    So where should lapdancing clubs be located? Sorry Lynne, haven’t received an answer to that one yet? Also, I don’t understand the need to dress up the arguments in puritan morality. I’m fed up of politicians reverting to the `let’s think about the children` arguments when the lap dancing club is a perfectly legal establishment.

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