Posted by: John | September 10, 2009

Stunning Cheadle by-election win – it’s `alas, Smith-Jones`

In what can only be considered an iconic election where everything was at stake for both the Lib Dems and the Conservatives in terms of both the ward itself and more particularly the Cheadle Constituency (Patsy Calton’s old constituency with the famous `33` vote victory) the Lib Dems smashed expectations.

At the last election the Conservatives gained the seat by 17 votes – was Con 2194, LD 2177 and Lab 420.

This time around it’s LD 2625, Con 2005, Lab 143, UKIP 96, Grn 91.

That’s a 6.5% swing in a bitterly closely fought election and the Conservatives LOSING 189 votes and the Lib Dems GAINING 448 votes!

It was `alas, Smith & Jones` time for the losing team of Cllr Mick Jones and his wife and Tory candidate Julie Smith-Jones. Still, tell Cllr Sid to help sort out the presiding officers and never mind someone has to lose!


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