Posted by: John | September 8, 2009

The Gay `totalitarians`

I am becoming increasingly aware that there is a minority of Gay men who have an authoritarian streak in them that is unwavering as a fire and brimstone preacher’s rantings. This is on the OUTeverywhere website.

1. A person asked what any party has done about the BNP. I correctly piointe dout our efforts and successes in Burnley only to be shouted down as `you weren’t being totally altruistic`! Err, yeh, let’s sacrifice all our time, energy and money  by training Burnley Labour to do their jobs properly if they can only be bothered – and while we’re at it let’s preach unity to all the hardcore BNP activists and wave magic wands. No actually – the LIB DEMS DID THE WORK – we’ll take the credit and run the Council.

The subtext of all this is that people should allow the Far Left to tackle the BNP – after all in so many ways they’re so alike it’s only fair! I got the impression there was an ounce of jealousy about it.

2. Next up are the ones that decry any relationship that isn’t the formulaic `love at first sight beholden to each other forever into the sunset while religiously ensuring you don’t even look at another man`. Sounds similar to something else – ah yes, extreme Islam!

3. Talking of which don’t dare mention you want to travel anywhere where you can’t wave a rainbow flag while wearing your pink shorts and feather boa. The idea that you may actually want to go somewhere where things aren’t all smooth and fluffy means you’d be consorting with the enemy state that wants to crush all LGBT people. These people smacks of being in the new mainstream – you know Sitges in Summer, New York for Christmas blah blah blah.

The underlying root of this is one of control – if you go to these other places like Iran you will be letting the side down by directly and indirectly de facto supporting the enemy state. Any Gay man that goes to Iran waving pink flags is likely to be questioned by the authorities and would  need his head testing – I think though after travelling to 45 countries I’d know how to keep a low profile and after doing mounds of planning and homework would blend in to absorb enough of what was going on around me so that I could protect myself, and more importantly, other Iranians.



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