Posted by: John | September 1, 2009

Bi Pride

I think Lesbian and Gay rights are pretty mainstream in this country now though of course there’s still some way to go witness the petition on the DELGA stall (requesting CPs for opposite sex relationships as well as marriages for same sex ones AND asking for the same rules across the EU). Great to see so many people helping out at the stall.

Of greater interest to me is the need now for social acceptance of Bisexuals and Trans people. In the Gay community there’s still a lot of emotional disdain for Bi people and this disdain is something I don’t understand. After all, it’s not ME that has this identity and I’m pretty confident that I’m a Gay man . I have to say that I find it difficult sometimes tackling biphobia amongst Gay men I know.

So it was great to see the Biphoria stall opposite the DELGA stall (we waved at each other a lot) and apparently they didn’t receive such a rough time as in recent years. Yes, it’s not all sweetness and light in the LGBT communities.

What was even more heartening was to hear of the polyamarous relationship between Dave, Eve and Oliver. I’d not actually MET anybody in this type of relationship before and at Pride I was able to meet the three of them! Good luck to their relationship.

I was also heartened to see that there’s been a huge uptake on Trans social activities (about which I blogged some time ago) both in terms of the serious matter of educating people on these issues as well as the social group involving dancing and exercise. There used to be two groups and now they’re both working together.



  1. Er, the stall opposite was BiPhoria. With an “r”. Not biphobia, which is something both BiPhoria and DELGA would be against! Easy typo though as the name is a deliberate pun on the words biphobia and euphoria.

    We still got some nonsense but we also found a lot more bi visibility balancing it out than in previous years.

    • Oops er – corrected sorry

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