Posted by: John | August 29, 2009

Who’s really in charge of the Conservatives?

I only ask because I wonder whether or not Dave Cameron is under the thumb of another showy incompetent arrogant elite.

First, he doesn’t sack Alan Duncan and picks and chooses who he castigates.

Second, he does nothing about the `noises off` people like Hannon nor addresses the `Barnet Formula` new narrative coming out of that Council.

Having flown Ryanair I understand its cheapness and the fact you have to `play the system` to keep costs to a minimum. I flew back with them from Bergamo last week and it was one of the worst flights I’d ever flown. Constant advertisements and announcements of yet further opportunities to spend money; Even though I was probably the first to check my bags in I was one of the last to embark not having chosen to pay extra for priority boarding.

Of course this shows nothing more than the diligent lose out to those who have paid a bit extra.

If I was Cameron I’d shut this down once and for all. It’s dynamite.

Why? Because the person proposing it is none other than Cllr Mike Freer the Barclays banking executive who happened to lose the Council millions of pounds in the Icelandic banking fiasco. Not content with that he cowardly decides not to resign though a Council officer does just that.

Any ethical person would have stood down holding their head in shame. But oh no not the new Conservative elite in London who rule the roost. He and his chums Boris Johnson and Brian Coleman (incompetence meets incongruous) arrogantly wield power like colonialists in the old Empire.

The message should be loud and clear: Vote Tory and get casual tacky and incompetent government as in Finchley. After all, if that were not the case why would Mr Freer be the PPC for Finchley?


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