Posted by: John | August 29, 2009

Protect the BBC

I may have my differences with the Beeb – there is one thing I will defend to the limit and that’s the licence fee and the opportunity that it affords this country in maintaining a decent impartial broadcasting service.

Mr Murdoch Jr seems to have gone off on one. Woe betide the day we allow them to get an even tighter grip. As far as I’m concerned the BBC is the firewall against the most philistine aspects of British civilisation and culture (ie a protector of our freedoms) – a culture that gives a default to knowledge and insight against hi-gloss tack.

We all know why Murdoch wants things changed – money and power. The former is self-explanatory, the latter because he knows that if he wields his own propaganda News International/Sky will be the Government and not our own politicians.

Also, time for a reality check about the financial contribution of the Sun (Does it pay full taxation?) and for transparency from the `whiter-than-white Telegraph` ie its own top salaries and expenses as well as whether or not it funds any political parties itself.


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