Posted by: John | August 29, 2009

Another complaint to the BBC

This time about their PM item regarding the Japanese election.

So many negative references to the `Liberal Democrats` without one mention that they were referring to the Japanese Liberal Democrats.

I also asked whether they had considered the opportunity of bias before the programme and also whether the Party had been consulted.

If we hadn’t then I consider it that the BBC holds the Liberal Democrats in contempt.



  1. Er… albeit that I haven’t heard the item in question, this does seem a bit hyper-sensitive. I normally think it’s worthwhile complaining about media bias, but… really? What would they have consulted the party about?

  2. About how to deal with the similar if not identical party name. I’m thinking of this as a courtesy and for the standards of journalism.

    Remember, we must protect our voter base at all costs as no one else is going to do it. This is an extremely unfair system and we need to fight for every vote.

  3. Coverage this morning on Radio 4 seems to have been pretty good. They talked about “Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party”, “The conservative Liberal Democratic Party” and, for the opposition, “The Centrist Democratic Party”.

  4. Oh good

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