Posted by: John | August 28, 2009

LGBT rights: A record of progress a promise of more!

Another posting celebrating Manchester Pride.

I was struck by the progress in that now it’s seen as unremarkable and almost unimportant that people like Evan Davies, Claire Balding, Graham Norton, Eddie Mair from the BBC are Lesbian and Gay people. I remember when Evan became in the public eye and there were some knowing winks among people I knew. Now, we would hardly ask the question apart from in some sort of academic way as if  we were asking the question `latte or americano`?

I was struck with this when watching the `Town Hall youtube` with US Rep. Barney Franks. Years ago there were tonnes of questions regarding his sexuality. Now he makes a joke of it at a Town Hall meeting about the new healthcare proposals. `The only secret I’ve ever had was found out 21  years ago`.

That’s not to say there’s still not some way to go – just that the progress can be tracked and history and success makes the journey clearer.

Yes you guessed it – I’ve also found a way of linking another youtube video that I think may entertain, amuse and enthuse you. After all, it is nearly the Bank Holiday.


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