Posted by: John | August 27, 2009

Lynne, where should the lapdancing club be sited?

I know that Lynne needs to keep up the edge on the opposition by taking part in as many community campaigns as possible. I guess it’s called representing people.

I can’t help but find her latest blog unhelpful:

Can she tell me:

a) where in her area would a lapdancing club be sensitively situated?

b) How is it different from an `ordinary` pub or club in the sense of anti-social behaviour?

c) Does she believe these clubs have a moral right to exist?

Simple questions Lynne – just need simple answers. Or is it as I suspect, sheer and utter nimby opportunism using a stick to beat people who are actually a bit discriminated against – men lugging around testosterone that want a bit of titillation.

As a Gay man I’ve absolutely no interest  in these lap dancing clubs. I do have an interest though in protecting liberty. What WOULD be reasonable for the objectors? What would they say about a well-run friendly Gay bar with a `darkroom`?



  1. I see there was no answer to these points.

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