Posted by: John | August 25, 2009

Buy British Plums!

Apparently there’s an abundant harvest of British plums this year. According to `Farming Today` though supermarkets aren’t interested in selling them.

I’ll be going round to Somerfield today to check as the BBC have asked people to check. I think it’s greedy of the supermarkets to deny the British public the choice of buying British plums due to markups. What’s not to like? Lower carbon emissions, supporting British farms and beautiful plums to boot.

You can hear all about it on the `listen again` feature on Farming Today 25/8.



  1. We have millions of people paid unemployment benefit to be idle, crops left to rot because no-one will pick them, and we pay people living on other countries to grow and pick crops. This really is crazy. I do not feel there is any excuse for unemployed youth to be lounging around in inner cities, when they could be made to go out and get fresh air and exercise and a new outlook on life picking crops, therefore it should be made a condition of benefit that they must do so, and the farmers offered their services for a nominal payment.

    We in Britain seem to be so remarkably ignorant on agriculture, and so remarkably unconcerned about getting fresh local produce. I do not see in other countries what I see here, imported food products in large amounts on sale and bought in preference to local products.

    Agreed, the British plums this year are superb, but most people are so cut off from agriculture that they think the glossy, pumped-up and tasteless plums from other countries are what plums should be, perhaps because they look more like plastic plums and we are now in a position where to many people plastic life is more real than real life.

    I should note that, at least in south-east London where I live which was part of Kent historically, the good weather for plums has meant wild plums are in abundance. There are wild plum trees all over the place which I had never noticed before because I guess in previous years they had just a few plums, now they are laden with them. That might be why I am not buying that many British plums from the supermarkets.

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