Posted by: John | July 30, 2009

Three little phrases

The Lib Dems are in a bind. We seem to realise that many of our voters are `policy heavier` ie thinkers. The problem is that we require wider appeal. Many Lib Dems baulk at short snappy phrases. I don’t!

Norwich North proved that if Rennardism isn’t dead – Rennardism without strong narrative is dead. Sure,  we can lift our votes away from 4th place at by-elections or appeal to people who have yet to consider us. This happened in Norwich North – thank goodness for April Pond’s energies and her team of helpers.

We were asking for change – the problem was that others were doing the same despite having only incoherent policies to affect the deep democratic change that Britain needs. Ours are at least more coherent than theirs!

No, we have to decide NOW what are our two or three stand out phrases and slogans. No more shilly-shallying and no good going on about people doing their own thing. Personally I’d choose `taxcuts for the lower paid` , `a peoples’ democracy is best for the Economy` as two.

As for slogans: `up to £700 for the lower paid` could be one. Another `you only get Vince Cable in Government with the Lib Dems`.

It’s no good being all coy – strike out like Genghis Khan! You can’t practice Liberalism without power!

What do others think?



  1. totally agree.
    How about..
    “you only get Vince Cable in Government with the Lib Dems, not with the punch and judy parties”

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