Posted by: John | July 19, 2009

Neil Woollcott’s spurious reasons on CRB checks

In his blog Neil Woollcott asserts that the opinions of bloggers like Lynne Featherstone and Costigan Quist are not putting the `Childrens’ authors` complaint regarding CRB into context. In his example he states that he can’t refuse to go through the physical procedures at the airport.

He later asserts that all that needs to happen is that name-match check needs to be done with the list 99.

There are problems with this:

First, bombs and terrorist activities on planes HAVE HAPPENED.

Finally, nowhere to my knowledge have there been any instances of child abuse happening when there are 30 children and other adults present, certainly not with childrens’ authors. That’s not saying it can’t happen – just that the instances of it happening are so infinitessimally small it’s hardly worth even thinking about. I’d like him to say exactly HOW it would happen anyway.



  1. We do need numbers to help the arguement, but I am sure it has happened, whether authors or visitors. The percentage of terroist attackes compared to total flights is very very small indeed, just more high profile.

    It could happen in a number of ways, a touch whilst having a photograph taken or a book signed.

    Also maybe numbers are so small because schools are making these checks.

  2. Christ almighty what is this country coming to? This is just elevating sex and paedophilia to an artform. For the record I think some of the measures at airports are spurious though the difference being is that whereas 300 people can be killed or more with what you’re talking about it’s zero. Do we not have the intelligence to place the author behind a desk with the books on it – it’s not as if the author couldn’t be seen if anything happened. Also, with the photos taken surely that’d be the safest time as the pictures would be developed for the school!

    I think you’re becoming hysterical – it’s a hysteria that is interfering with the lives of young children.

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