Posted by: John | July 7, 2009

Another complaint to the BBC

Having received what I regard as a wholly inadequate response to my complaint regarding the factual inaccuaracies on `The Westminster Hour` and their use of the term `hold the balance of power` for Newcastle and Sheffield Councils.

The response noted my concerns about this factual inaccuracy but alludes to my past history regarding complaints to the BBC.

This is spurious. My history has nothing to do with the factual inaccuracies in a niche programme like `The Westminster Hour`. I want an individual response about that inaccuracy.

I have thus sent in another complaint complaining about the response asking for a view on that factual inaccuracy.

This may seem trivial yet the point of my initial complaint was to prod them into ensuring accuracy about Lib Dems successes. The more we let them get away with the harder it will get – I won’t be screwed over by the BBC.

After all, if there had been some awful `Baby P` scandal in Newcastle or perhaps Sheffield had lost millions of pounds in Icelandic banks would they have still said `balance of power` or would they have checked to see if we `had control`?

My guess is that the Conservatives and Labour with their huge resources work harder and put the fist down when it comes to inaccuracies like this.

I’m just one cog to address that balance.



  1. I agree entirely, we need to be more aggressive with the media.

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