Posted by: John | July 4, 2009

Is there fire in Norwich Labour’s belly?

I ask because I was interested in viewing how the main contenders were presenting themselves online.

First up, I find the Conservatives are doing an excellent job of it – their website is fresh, clean-looking and can be found at the top of the list by googling `Chloe Smith`. There is also a Tory blogger third on the list. If you google `Norwich North Conservatives` you find another site that reflects what’s going on in the main one.

Secondly, for us, there’s a slightly tired-looking Prater Raines site that helpfully appears at the top of the Google search `April Pond`. Should a voter google Norwich North Liberal Democrats  the same site is at the top of the list. April has done a nice video on it.

Thirdly, Labour have completely flunked the test. Googling `Norwich North Labour` didn’t bring up any official site and neither did tapping in `Chris Ostrowski` – well nothing political except for an Oracle employee and a potter! The rest of the listings weren’t very complimentary!

However, it was only when I typed in `Norwich Labour` that I managed to locate the official Labour site and see a video by Gordon Brown! Although what was said comes across as `motherhood and apple pie that only the best Labour baker would make` it is obvious Labour don’t see Gordon as a liability. If it was me I’d have put Chris Ostrowski vid on the Home page. Compared to both the Lib Dems and Conservatives their site looks comatose with an old-fashioned style that seems to say that they think they’re old-fashioned or are trying to reassure people that the good times are around the corner by being very 2007!

The Greens have done well in getting their sites to the top of the list including a Green supporters blog as the fifth one down.

As an aside you can almost tell which party the candidates come from just by looking! Chris Ostrowski looks very new Labour compared to the dashing Rupert Read! And Chloe Smith looks very `new Tory` compared to the individual April Pond.

Best of luck to April anyway.


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