Posted by: John | July 4, 2009

Gays now a target group for votes!

Just heard yet another lazy Lab/Con ding-dong battle that ends up in stalemate – again without a third voice from the Liberal Democrats.

`My Gay rights are better than your Gay rights`!

So, Alan Duncan says that the Tories are `friends of Gays` while Angela Eagle says `look at your record`. We don’t get very far as the Tories always have a fightback response whether that be the number of shadow ministers with Civil Partnerships or that `the Tories have changed`. What’s needed now is to hear it from the backbenches and the grassroots. If the BBC REALLY wanted to earn their pay they can do a rehash of those dinner parties with hidden microphones amongst the Tory faithful.

All this was started by Labour to keep core voters out of fear – `don’t vote for those evil bastard Tories who’ll eat your lover(s)`.

All in all, a way of padding out a few minutes of the Today prog with a bitch fight and not engaging with the issues that need addressing – school bullying, Gay marriage etc.


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