Posted by: John | June 29, 2009

OUTeverywhere in the NW going from strength to strength

A simple idea. Create a social networking site for LGBT people by LGBT people that allows them to not only message each other and create threads but also has the added facility of members setting up their own `posses` and events.

In addition to the posses in Liverpool and Warrington there’s also the one in Manchester to which I added Stockport.

Last Sunday 7 of us met up including four new people. As organiser I’ve decided to change it from Starbucks (Outer nickname it starf*cks) to the independent `Cafe History` with its art deco 30’s style upstairs seating area.

In the evening the three of us that actually live in Stockport went for a real ale pub crawl (of which Stockport is happily over-represented with good real ale pubs). We were excited by a gorgeous younger bear barman sporting a badge with the word `cock` on it. When we asked why he had that badge he said he just liked the badge 😦

Sunday saw 6 of us (two more new people both `refugees` from London) having coffee at the Manchester Art Gallery then off to the 2pm free tour. It was unanimously decided after that to head to Canal Street (Gay village) and we commandeered a free table and got steadily merry in the hot sun.

Later I noticed the two new guys to the Stockport posse and they joined us with one of their bfs.

So, all in all, a great weekend.

The next thing will be to take my camera so that I can put more pictures up on the website.


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