Posted by: John | June 23, 2009

Crucifixes, flags and hot-crossed buns!

Yesterday while canvassing I had an ineresting conversation with someone who I’d describe as a `soft BNP` voter. She was very intelligent and articulate and the conversation was very `balanced` between the universal culture and her own fears. She had usually been Conservative though found herself voting BNP on June 4th. `What had she done?` she cried – she had lots of black friends through the church and Gay friends too.

What it came down to in the end was  a protest vote because `we’re losing our culture`. This came down to `people not being allowed to wear crucifixes` (I didn’t have the judgement about British Airways to hand!), `people not being allowed to fly the flag` (are there REALLY any rules about this?) and the fact that she wasn’t allowed to put a hot-crossed bun in her daughter’s packed lunch at Easter as it would offend others.

To me it wasn’t really racism or bigotry – simply an elevation of particular `grudges` said in an extremely defensive way. I personally have no problem with people wearing crucifixes and flying flags – it would be ridiculous to ban these things on a pragmatic level as well as illiberal. As for the hot-crossed buns I’m tempted to think it was people who THOUGHT they knew how people would react. Were Muslims actually asked? I suggested she could have spoken to a school governor. She replied `she was told this at a school governors’ meeting`.

I’m not suggesting for one moment she’d vote Lib Dem (although she seemed someone who could vote for an excellent local hard-worker at local elections) and I’m not defending her voting choice – simply putting it out there that we may be assisting the BNP by not taking a global view.

Sometimes some people do the BNP’s work for them. Griffin plays it for all its worth and it’s these people that put him `over the top`.



  1. I can resolve one issue: the hot cross bun is not a Christian symbol but a pagan one, representing the four quarters of the moon. Those canny early Christians simply appropriated the humble bun for their Easter (pagan goddess Eostre) celebration. So next year tell your resident to send her child to school with a hot cross bun and to sue the education authority for being crass and stupid if they object.

    That said, I reckon her story about the bun is b*ll*cks, but that’s another argument.

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