Posted by: John | June 12, 2009

Will Burnley become a Lib Dem/BNP fight?

With the excellent Gordon Birtwistle leading the charge for the Lib Dems and the inevitability of the BNP setting up its bunker in the middle of Burnley could it be that Burnley will become a Lib Dem/BNP fight? Labour, to all extents, are out of the running with the discredited Kitty Ussher. No doubt Labour will try their `vote for us because we’re not as bad as the BNP` trick though it didn’t work last week.



  1. This idea is frankly a load of round dangly things found in the scrotum.

    The BNP won one seat this May in a division with almost an exact four way split.

    In the other 5 divisions they finished between 700 and 1200 votes behind the Lib Dems (who won the other 5) coming second in just one.

    In the Euro elections their vote fell (as a %age) compared to 2004 and they finished 5th behind UKIP. If the BNP had performed as badly in one other council area as they did in Burnley, Griffin would probably have lost out to UKIP.

    Griffin is going to open a Headquarters somewhere, if he picks Burnley he is choosing the place that came nearer to costing him his seat than many other areas.

  2. Burnley is a battle between the Lib Dems and Labour. The BNP are still a threat to be taken seriously, but they’re in decline and are likely to remain so wherever Herr Griffin puts his bunker.

    Hywel, you do seem to get about a bit! But I’m sure you’re right, as ever.

    Mere footnote: don’t forget the Tories! (Easily done in Burnley.)

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