Posted by: John | June 10, 2009

English Democrats radio interview

The point of Politics is not just to say what a minority of people are thinking – it’s to have a coherent view of the world and a plan of when things can be done. Should what you want to do be radically different to what’s feasible then that should be spelt out `vote for me and I’ll defy the law`.

Seems that the new Mayor of Doncaster said that `all parties are the same, they never keep their promises` only to find that he can’t keep many himself!

This is what you get when you elect the `no-nonsense man in the pub` with far-right pretensions. To some it all sounds good when  you’re pissed – though in the clear light of day when questioned by someone forensically intelligent it all falls apart: A bit like the morning after the night before `oh no, did I really say/do that`!



  1. This article is what you get when it is written by a flanneller with far left pretentions.

    The BBC and most of the media are institutionally Anglophobic and the interview was typical 5th-rate bullying.

    What was made clear is that Peter Davies intends to try and change the oppressively centrist nature of local government and will expose how laws are not even made in England, but by faceless unelected bureaucrats.

    By the end of his incumbency, the people of Doncaster will be clamouring to leave the EU.

  2. All in favour of changing the centralist nature of local Government – the point was not just WHAT the policies are but that it’s basically a completely un-thought through and non-strategic view of politics. Haven’t the British people had enough of `suck it and see – fix it as we go along` type of governing.

    All I can see in your post is the usual victim mentality of so-called `Anglophobia` ROFLMAO. All the interviewer was doing was asking questions to which Mr Davies had no answers except `we wouldn’t have taken it from here`. Sorry, politics is the art of the possible not some sort of dreamland – we’ve had enough `fantasyland economics` in the past twelve years, thankyou.

    The reason why he has to backtrack is that very few people have such a narrow view of `Englishness` – most people eat `Indian` and `chinese` food or listen to English bands that have global influences. That’s what a mature society does you see – influences by genius other cultures and vice-versa while still holding as reference points the distinctness of its own culture ie the `Essex sound` of Blur then became the more global sound of `Gorillaz`.

    Your mind-numbingly narrow view of the culture and the world will never hold sway in Britain because it’s so boring.

    What happens in Doncaster will be interesting more of how Doncaster sees itself rather than Britain.

  3. Being English is not boring, just like being Greek or Serb or Russian. The Scottish and Welsh can have ethnic identity but the English are forbidden. All politics is run by politicians who are experts at nothing, and bank on consultant specialists. Laws are a vague idea, which is then made concerete by lawyers in courts. That is what case law evidences. Labour voters have left their party. The other 2 parties did not gain. The electorate does not want the mainstream parties that are in Westminster. Why should they? The Barnet formula was stated by Mr Barnet to cause the break up of the United Kingdom. It is discrimination. No foreigner in their right mind (me included, who also has Celt and English blood) is saying English genocide. England is English as it has been for 30,000 years, and the Celt lands where they are now, theirs for the same length of time. The time has come to stop staying England is not English and for them to have their own parliament, which is within Article 1 of some international law on the rights of nations to self determination worldwide. The total censorship in the media about the party mentioned here, the English Democrats, is not in my name, as a foreigner. It is not mind-numbingly narrow view of the culture and the world, as it is every person’s view worldwide. It is the nature of the psychology of the human condition and how we survived as a species at all. Cultural identity is how we communicate with each other. No thought can be brought to mind and then to speech without the culture of a people. The English have one nation on earth, England. To deprive them of it, is racist of the state to us all, of whatever race, worldwide or within the borders of the English and Celt Nations. For what is done to one people will come to pass to all, as Martin Luther King said, Injustice anywhere, is Injustice everywhere. It is simply the vested interest of the aristocratic political class. No politicians in the mainstream parties is believed, so why does everyone act like a puppet and do a karaoke of what they tell us to believe, when it is discrimination and national suicide. There has never been a Britain nor a people called the British, just as there is no such individual as a European. We are nations with an ethnic identity. Anything else is anarchy and chaos. Censorship in the media is not liberal. Censorship is supposed to be anathema to democracy. So why is every forum, every media, every propaganda denying the right of the English to England and their existence. As I said, not in my name. The English are not the BNP, who call themselves ‘British’ by the way. The censorship of the moderate English nationalists is racist to every race on earth. The ‘British’ got muddled by generations now of colonialist belief and cannot see the wood for the trees. Foreigners know something called Culture Shock and that is their fate in England, where the native culture is denied and integration thwarted. Foreigners have never had any trouble in being themselves and fitting in with local cultures – they can easily be 2 cultures. It is the mythical British that don’t get this fact so how can you talk about foreigners, that you cannot know anything about. Leave the English their nation of England and stop committing both cultural self suicide and genocide. As I said, as part foreign blood, you do not do it in my name.

  4. I’m not sure how you’re being denied your self-identification of being `English`. Sure you want an English Parliament and perhaps when a new democratic settlement is sorted there’ll be governing closer to the people.

    `The total censorship in the media about the party mentioned here, the English Democrats, is not in my name, as a foreigner. It is not mind-numbingly narrow view of the culture and the world, as it is every person’s view worldwide. It is the nature of the psychology of the human condition and how we survived as a species at all. Cultural identity is how we communicate with each other.`

    I disagree with your premise of cultural identity being drawn down into the centre of a parochial spiral. Instead, I see it as having a base and expanding outwards. Your view I find mind-numbingly boring – I have no political objection to an English Parliament if it can be fitted in to a logical devolutional whole but don’t see how that’s directly related to culture.

    For instance, I have a multi-identity – English in the sense I was born here and enjoy the tolerance, generosity and balance of being English yet I’m also European and of the World.

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