Posted by: John | June 7, 2009

We need to engage the Tories

The Tories idea is `to do a Blair` ie give an analysis of what’s wrong without holding out any solutions and just turn up in the marginals saying as many vague things to as many groups of people as possible.

It’s time to engage them with real issues. They wish use this corrupt political system to grab power. We must ensure it comes to them with a heavy responsibility – they must spell out the details of their policies. We must remind the electorate how we got into such a mess – due to political parties using the system as `buggins’ turn` and voters `wanting change`.

At the height of the expenses scandal a man sitting talking to camera said `I suppose we can no longer just put a cross once every few years anymore, it’s a question of engaging in what politicians are doing and saying`.

Amen to that!


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