Posted by: John | June 6, 2009

English Democrats show their true colours

It’s like a throwback to the 50s – what’s WRONG with the people of Doncaster that they put up with these crappy dinosaurs? Whether it’s corrupt Labour politicians or Mr Davies.

Whatever your thoughts on whether Prides should have funding from Local Councils and I have mixed thoughts on this surely phrases like `I don’t think councils should be spending money on them parading through town advertising their sexuality` or`I have nothing whatsoever against gays and lesbians, what they do in their private lives is absolutely fine`.

So no kissing on the street in Doncaster – oh, how I do like a challenge from a social retrograde like Mr Davies.

Apparently, the English Democrats want `English freedoms and values, not multiculturalism` and `the right to enjoy and celebrate Englishness`.

I take it Chicken Tikka Massalla is off the menu then? Since when have people been banned from celebrating Englishness?

What’s interesting is that if we chart the next years under Mr Davies we will see a mini `BNP/English Democrats state` writ small in Doncaster.

As usual the real views of these parties that they hide during the elections are revealed once elected – mind-numbingly narrow, painfully inward-looking,  dangerously stale and old-fashioned`.

No doubt when Mr Davies is lampooned in the press in the coming years it’ll be a matter of `victimisation and bias`.



  1. “[W]hat’s WRONG with the people of Doncaster that they put up with these crappy dinosaurs?”

    Is it “mind-numbingly narrow, painfully inward-looking, dangerously stale and old-fashioned” to campaign in the Doncaster mayoral election on a platform of reducing the mayoral salary from £62,000 to £30,000? This at a time when many people are struggling financially and yet councils and MPs up and down the country are screwing the system and engaging in unnecessary and profligate spending, all at the struggling taxpayers’ expense?

    Just because Peter Davies and the English Democrats – along with the majority of those who voted in Doncaster Thursday – hold different views and values than your own, does not make this electoral success invalid. It especially does not make it deserving of this kind of inevital liberal moaning and groaning.

  2. Nothing wrong with that as a personal decision – and by the way I’m not a `liberal moaner and groaner`. As I said, if you happen to read it fully, I’m in two minds whether Prides should be funded by councils.

    I take it then that no money will be provided for any other festivals? Or will Mr Davies take the populist route of funding `St George’s day` parades etc? Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against them but consistency is the name of the game.

    The other thing is some of the immoderate language used – what does `what they do in their own homes is up to them?` – does that mean he objects to public displays of affection or camp banter? In this day and age those sorts of `values` sound pretty stale.

    If he’d had said he was against the Council funding ALL parades etc then fair dos. With the other remarks though my guess is that he’s a populist tin-pot homophobe who will spend thousands on the events of which he approves.

  3. The mayor doesn’t have the power to reduce either his own salary or the number of consellors on his own. 2/3rds of the council would need to vote to reduce its membership by… umm, 2/3rds. Turkeys do not vote for Christmas. Changes in the Mayor’s salary must go through several stages of approval and such – he can’t just wave a magic wand.

    The man is either a cynical populist who got through on the back of vote-winning measures he knew he couldn’t carry out, or a buffoon – or both. I’m suspecting the latter, which is a sad day for battered ol’ Donny.

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