Posted by: John | May 29, 2009

Labour website paralysis – like to communicate in Latin!

I talk of the Labour websites for Bury North, Scunthorpe and Luton South.

One would have thought that should an MP be suspended or say they were going to stand down at the next election there would have been some rearguard action to at least keep the show on the road. From the regional party or from the Chair of the local party but no.

After googling `Bury North Labour`, `Luton South Labour` and `Scunthorpe Labour` I found the following:

LUTON SOUTH (why have Labour allowed her to keep this website going with the Labour rose? I mean it’s a hostage to fortune really). So I look to see whether Luton Labour have anything to say: (err what a bland statement – surely someone should have made a statement to the effect that they apologised for her behaviour and that a reselection battle will be forthcoming?) Or even somewhere for Luton Labour people to comment?


Meanwhile Bury North Labour party have yet to develop their website (even though they’ve had a Labour MP for yonks). They seem to think that there are a whole shedload of residents who converse in Latin as their first language:

To be fair Ivan Lewis, Bury South’s MP, does have a fully functioning website though there is not one for `Bury Labour Party`.

SCUNTHORPE – again uses Labour logo and says absolutely nothing.

I realise it’s a very difficult time for these local parties and their websites might be the last things on their minds but you have to consider a few things:

1. The fact that these things WEREN’T thought about as soon as the expenses scandals hit shows a lack of nimbleness of the highest order

2. The truth is that Labour in London dish it out to Councils yet treat their local parties with kid gloves – a truly tough policy would be for the suspended MPs to take off any Labour logo unless constituents were allowed to comment under a suitably grovelling contrite article that remained at the top of the page. The whole thing should have been taken over by Walworth Road as they are de facto, in the eyes of the electorate, no longer Labour MPs worthy of the name.

If I was Brown, or to be fair, the person in charge of the `star chamber` I’d have been calling for early reselections and by-elections for the Summer.

As for the Bury North website they should have just got that taken down ASAP as a complete embarresment.



  1. the lorem ipsum bit is not actually Latin, it’s a web design tool (so you can preview how a page looks without getting too distracted by the meaning of the text):

    but yeah, it’s still shoddy so the point still stands (which is that Labour is knackered and inept)

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