Posted by: John | May 29, 2009

Keep it in the family values

I refer of course to Bill Cash MP who wrote in 2007 on the Equality Act:

`You have given more preference to those who stand for gay rights than those who are concerned with conscience, with family and with religion` – This is in 2007 not 1907.

`They work for you` state that he voted very strongly against LGBT equality.

Is this the same Bill Cash who is so much into family values that he lets his own daughter CHARGE him for staying in her own flat? I know if my old Dad needed somewhere to stay the last thing I’d do is charge him! Or perhaps she doesn’t share his values – in that case since he already had a flat in Pimlico he would have shunned her and not signed a rental agreement with her?

No, we all know that when it comes to knocking other people he’s up there with the ancien regime bullies – when it comes to practising what he preaches on not profiting from the taxpayer for his own affairs it’s a different matter.

He is simply an overhang of the time when politicians foamed at the mouth about `sexual promiscuity` or anything that wasn’t `the norm` while turning a blind eye to `financial promiscuity` this time his own.

If he’d had a shred of moral decency himself he’d have resigned.

I would have thought Cameron would be rubbing his hands with glee `another old codger I can hang out to dry`. If not questions should be asked.



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