Posted by: John | May 21, 2009

Let’s kill Labour

I’m not saying we’re blameless in this expenses fiasco and unfortunately we have in the past allowed ourselves to be trampled by Labour/the media and people who are lazily `anti-politics`. Let present circumstances be a lesson to us to ALWAYS STAND OUR GROUND. Thank goodness for Nick, Vince and the team for protecting us somewhat on the Economy, Gurkhas and the Speaker.

Right now there’s an urgent task in tackling the lesser parties as people say `you’re all the same` regardless of the fact that we have championed reform that would have exposed this mess and repaired our ailing democracy a long time ago.

BNP – we need to smartly tackle their misuse of photos – if they can’t get that right what can they get right?

UKIP – Can we focus on Farage’s expenses and also their ineffectiveness at the European level?

I’ve had one friend tell me he’s voting for the first time as an ex-Labour voter for the Greens in the NW as a `protest` regardless of the fact that Chris Davies is no 1 on the Lib Dem list. I mean what has one to do to attract their vote – become Mother Theresa? Thanks a bunch Labour – time to basically cut off their life support system so that they can never again gain power EVER that’s how I fu**ing feel about them. They are hopeless with our money and useless at governing.

My advice is not only freeposts but quickly make up a leaflet template for photos tackling expenses and UKIP and put it out to as many people as possible.

The only consolation is that the Tories must be going through a hard time – as for Labour it must be excruciating – GOOD!


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