Posted by: John | May 13, 2009

Liberal Vision seem a bit like plonkers

I enjoyed their first posting but their second seems arrogant. It comes across as rather aloof with a yuppified sneering.

I thought this lot were the `dynamic up n doing crowd`. So I take it they’re going to offer their expertise to the Party perhaps have a special fundraising appeal for a better PPB or perhaps a few viral videos.

Nah, didn’t think so.



  1. Plonkers?

    Au Contraire. The SDP faction has had a good go and can’t get us out of distant 3rd. It’s the way forward.

  2. They’re not an AO either – one of the co-founders is not a party member.

    I wasn’t impressed at all with them when they appeared to me a few months ago, but they’ve done well poaching Charlotte Gore and Sara Scarlett. As they’re up against the inexorable Social Liberal Forum they maybe need all the help they can get

  3. I think the best thing is to avoid them – they seem a bit entryist and make rather sweeping statements. I’m not on board withthe SLF yet this seems a bit of a knee-jerk reaction.

    Can you actually answer the question: Your lot go on about being all dynamic – what are you going to add to the party?

  4. Hi John,

    With regards to entryism, you may note that one of our “board” first joined the Liberal Party in 1979. I wasn’t born then, but I should stress that I didn’t even meet Mark Littlewood (or know of his existence) until about a year after I joined the LD Party. The same goes for Charlotte, and Sara.

    But most importantly, please please understand that I have never described (and will never describe) myself or anything to do with me as “dynamic” (!)

  5. I was first recruited to the party by a lib dem MP in 2004 who heard me spout my stuff on civil liberties – and I have worked hard ever since to do all I can to bring my Media experience to the Liberal Democrats because I was appalled by how civil liberties were being eroded by New Labour. I joined the Party because I found a Party that shared my passion on this issue. I joined Liberal Vision because I agree with is aims. If that makes me an entryist then guilty as charged…. And of course people can ignore Liberal Vision, agree or disagree with us at will. But please let us all celebrate that OUR PARTY allows a full and frank discussion without censure or threat. That is why are a formiddable political force.

  6. It does and long may it flourish but are all members of LV party members?

    I just find the tone a bit arrogant and fishy.

    It also helps, as I found out when I did the Andrew George post, to get facts straight. I thought everyone who was a Lib Dem activist knew of Nick and Norman’s views of Speaker Martin.

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