Posted by: John | May 13, 2009

Big questions on Rennard and George

In what has been an historic and exhausting time in British politics although it seems we have `come off lightly` there still remains two huge questions:

1. What to do about Lord Rennard and Andrew George?

2. What self-imposed rules will we give ourselves REGARDLESS of the rules set down by either Kelly or the backbenchers.

On one I would like, no I and every other Lib Dem activist in this country DESERVES a full response from Andrew George the same that we have had from Ming Campbell. In balance Ming’s commons life will undoubtedly transcend to the Lords and there are past mitigating factors as well as the fact the property is rented.

If one is not forthcoming then I would want his local party to say what steps they are taking to investigate the matter and if needs be deselect him.

It’s no good people JUST saying `it’s a matter for the local party alone` for a few reasons:

1. Many cllrs know how to mind their p’s and q’s knowing full well that the weight of the Standards Board can come crashing down on them. Many have had to resign/get kicked out for much more trivial matters than that of Andrew George/Lord Rennard. What message does it send them?

2. There are thousands of activists that give freely of their time and money – again what message does it send them?

3. Perception is important – in effect George/Rennard have let the side down. Just imagine if there weren’t GEORGE/RENNARD stories – there would have been `dear old Ming`and that would virtually be it.

4. It doesn’t matter at the end of the day whether George is in a safe seat – if it is safe then there’ll be no problems in finding a candidate if it is not then we need to do something radical straight away.

Tough electoral tests need to be urgently undertaken in St Ives Constituency – perhaps Andrew George can stump up the cash for the fieldwork? After all he’s caused the problem. Remember, if Andrew George can’t give a reasonable explanation for his expenses then that’s extra time and money that will have to be put into other seats to make up for St Ives.

As for Lord Rennard surely his position as campaign manager remains untenable?


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