Posted by: John | May 13, 2009

Andrew George

To be honest I couldn’t give a fig if a daughter/lover/friend stays over from time to time in a second home as long as the profit is given back to the Commons authorities once it’s sold and that it’s of a reasonable size. The time when we regulate these things to the new Labour nth degree will be a time to take the suicide pill.



  1. It is the fact that this man has lied. First he says the daughter used it as a bolt hole. Now he says she is registered to vote there, so it is indeed her official address. Considering he wins his big majorities on his campaign to stop Londoners from owning second homes in Cornwall when he is so much of a hypocrite that he owns a London second home is a disgrace. Liberal should not mean do as one darn well likes and blast everyone else in the name of ones own freedoms! Or should Liberal Democrats be changed to LacsiDasical???!!!

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