Posted by: John | May 12, 2009

New Labour’s elite is rotten to the core

The Government has created a `system` that is in need of smashing – whether it’s Moran/Cohen/Follett and their `legalised fraud` or the centralisation of our ailing democracy with its consultants and hangers 0n.

I always remember as a Cllr at a seminar about the latest `white paper` on local democracy asking `If local government has star ratings, what about central government`? `Oh, it doesn’t work like that!` came the answer.

I also noted that on yet another seminar the trainer was talking about Blair and Cameron without mentioning our own green paper on the subject yet the only cllrs there were Lab and LD!

You see our instincts, passions and ideas are totally inimical to these people and their vested interests. They are petrified and particularly of one thing – the Liberal Democrats! UKIP and Greens can be cast off as `protest votes` the lessons of which `can be learnt` – it’s the Lib Dems pissing inside the tent that can change things.

That’s why we should never give up.


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