Posted by: John | May 11, 2009

Flippin’ eck it’s the next big issue!

`Flipping` – the process of having a second home in London and tarting it up then calling it the main home for tax purposes to sell on and move up the ladder is for the general public `legalised fraud`.

I would advise any local Labour party to deselect that person now as they have brought your party into disrepute. How will you gain helpers when someone has acted in such a way? How will the MP deal with canvassing at the next GE? Forget about the fact that the `rules don’t allow it` in your constituency – simply put pressure on that person to resign or you’ll all go on strike!

As for any Lib Dems that have done this my advice is to go for reselection now and give a lot of time and money for that new person. My own view would be that any MP that did that has brought the party into disrepute and should be sacked.

Hopefully, no Lib Dem HAS done this as this will be a major issue with interviewers etc at the next GE. We can then at least say that none of our own MPs has taken part in such a repugnantly grasping practice.


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