Posted by: John | May 11, 2009


My own view is that any Lib Dem Parliamentarian caught claiming expenses against the spirit of the regulations that can’t be held up in the court of public opinion (ie dodgy second homes a la Moran and Cohen or `flipping`) should be given an amnesty from the charge of bringing the Party into disrepute in return for facing a reselection battle by the end of July.

I’ve never had such anger over an issue as much as this and I’ve been polling for years now – it is the only sensible thing to do.

If it’s an LD safe seat there’ll be no shortage of willing candidates and if not we are probably looking at defeat anyway with the current MP so bringing in someone new is required.

Let’s face it I’ve known people kicked out of the party for a lot less as Cllrs – if they can be kicked out why not MPs?

Nick has to be as tough with these people as he was with Brown the other week.


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