Posted by: John | May 10, 2009

Is it time to sack Lord Rennard?

If the allegations are true I’m utterly appalled that a Liberal Democrat should let the side down in such a way. Apparently he claimed a holiday home in Eastbourne was his `main residence` while he really lived in Vauxhall, was a member of the Residents association there and had parties there.

I’ve always thought it was time for Chris to take a backseat. His literature has become tired with the same old same old formula of post offices, `time for a change` and women’s magazines.

It’s time a polite word was said `Chris we thank you for the work you’ve done and please hand in your notice to the Lords authorities`. The damage has been done as there’ll always now be a Tory/Lab response which will now have to be done at a constituency level. If the electorate hate one thing more than MPs with their snouts in the trough it’s a Lord doing the same.



  1. Rule of Trying to Use A Current Crisis To Get Someone You’ve Never Liked Sacked, #67:

    Don’t make it explicit that you couldn’t really give two hoots about the alleged impropriety, and in actual fact have “always thought” it was time for them to go. It tends to undermine your credibility somewhat.

  2. Bloody Hell Hinton, “alleged impropriety”, Lord Rennard has taken £41k (at least) from the taxpayer by falsely claiming some holiday flat in Eastbourne is his “main residence”, whilst working full time in Central London for the party. That’s somewhat more serious than claiming for two loo seats don’t you think.

    Is this the man you want running our General Election Campaign when we’ve been majoring on tackling sleaze for the last few months?

  3. If you think he’s the only LD, your very nieve. I’d stop posting things like that if I where you.

  4. It’s probably fair to say he’s the only Lib Dem who can actually be fired for expenses abuses other than in the symbolic way of being removed from the shadow cabinet.

  5. […] on expenses – but what should he do if Lib Dems are named and shamed? (Lib Dem Voice) 4. Is it time to sack Lord Rennard? (John Abrams) 5. Shadow cabinet reshuffle leaked – by Nick Clegg? (Lib Dem Voice) 6. Clegg: […]

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