Posted by: John | May 6, 2009

Eurovision 1984: Eurovision swing comes to town!

The main change in 1984 was the bursting out of the `Scandinavian Swing`epitomised by the winners from Sweden

Scandinavian Swing came to town!

Scandinavian Swing came to town!

who sung the first song closely followed by the Danish entry while Finland entered a song that has a special place in the heart of fans to this day and has had many `Youtube` spinoffs. Thankfully Gordon Brown hasn’t attempted it! Sadly Kirka passed away a couple of years back.

The UK’s entry was a shameless motown ripoff while the sub-genre of the classical Euro-ballad continued apace with delightful entries from Italy and the Netherlands (one of the most beautiful pieces entered in my opinion).

Finally, Luxembourg tried the same trick of Switzerland in 1982 ie pulling the comforting homely Eurovision chords together with euroballad pretensions.



  1. Ah yes, I remember it well (he lied, unconvincingly)

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