Posted by: John | May 1, 2009

What the Gurkha episode tells us

I always remember at the Brent East byelection. The photos next day had an afro-carribean family celebrating outside Sarah’s HQ.

The Brent East byelection was a seminal moment in recent political history – why? It proved the erstwhile static coalition of Labour voters (ethnic minorities, unionists, Irish Catholics and intellectual middle classes) could split from Labour in what is for Labour alarming numbers. I’m sure Campbell/Mandelson were horrified.

It’s the same with the Clegg/Lumley/Cameron photo – it must have sent shudders of fear down Mandelson’s spine.

What it also shows is that the National Labour Project is dead – the Country has made a collective decision – they don’t want Labour back.

Let’s face it when a party is no longer respected on the Economy and has built up a giant debt everything they do that might generate good headlines will just be seen as `doing their duty` before they are booted out. Anything remotely not good will be pounced on.

Brown may as well call the election now.


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