Posted by: John | May 1, 2009

Eurovision: What was good about 1981?

Not to be outdone by fellow Eurovisionista Cllr Fraser Macpherson of his ilk – I’m going to talk about 1981 as a follow-on from 1980 (see earlier post).

The main thing to happen was the winning song was what I call a `marker` song in that it marked a line in the sand that pure pop both efficient and fun could again win Eurovision. The song’s a masterpiece. And there was the skirts gimmick – that would provide ideas for many acts to come!

Along with that was the wonderful Lena Valaitas as well as Peter, Sue and Marc providing a song as good as a top class Italian wine that would be the precursor to Italy’s entry in 1984. In 1981 Norway again scored Nul points yet with a song which is one of my favourites – judge for yourself.

Finn as he is now

Finn as he is now

Now in his early sixties Finn actually went on to great success in Scandinavia working with Abba and composing his own folk songs.


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