Posted by: John | April 29, 2009

Gurkhas: Nick’s finest hour

Thanks to him (and I’m sure the advice of Paddy Ashdown) it’s the Lib Dems that have led the way on this issue that has grabbed hold of public opinion.

Having watched the debate it would be churlish to neglect the contributions not only of Messrs Huhne, Harvey, Howarth and Campbell but also and I’m going to gulp here those of Messrs Howard, Lancaster, Vaz and Green.

Some Labour members of Parliament seemed to think they were members for Kathmandu Central without any thought as to what the Nepalese government have indicated.

The Government have been defeated due to our pressure and the response to public opinion once they have seen the facts.

One wonders whether Phil Woolas MP is safe in his seat or whether can survive in his ministerial cacpacity.

This could be an historic vote and it was a pleasure to watch it.

We now need to wheedle out those Labour members who abstained or voted against and see whether some sort of targetting can be done. Some cross-referencing of votes and resources is in order.

We have raised our head above the parapet showing our elan and instincts.

Keep on fighting, Nick – don’t give up!


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