Posted by: John | April 28, 2009

The Tories are getting scared of the Lib Dems

I only surmise this from what’s going on with the Tory lot on OUTeverywhere (LGBT social networking site). They no longer do the bullying technique of patronisation etc and have come to what I describe as the `box` technique.

`Boxing` is where you portray the Lib Dems as either `wimps, ineffectual, wasted votes, say one thing to one audience something else to another`. The other portrayal is the Lib Dems as the big butch alpha people who throw their weight around and need to be kept down. Once you get into the second scenario you know that the Lib Dems in some way are threatening the current order.

Really Labour/Tory parties are alike in that they have become used to the current arrangement rather like old lady dowagers of the Raj. Anyone that pops up and says `I’m threatening to take the ranch because the others don’t like you` is deeply unsettling. We’ve only reached the first tenth in this process and it all depends on Cameron whether he wins outright or we have some `other arrangement` after the next election.

There’s a real `Labour establishment infrastructure` that needs to be dismantled and we need to get to both the erstwhile Labour voters who aren’t plugged in to this system as well as those that are and explain to them that it’s unsustainable. In my mind’s eye it’s like a big piece of scaffolding around a decaying building – as soon as you get near there’s some massive spider about to attack you so you have to find some other way.

That’s not to say all in the Labour garden is bad but it’s the SYSTEM that they’ve created that militates against the individual and self-expression that worries me. If you’re not part of the crowd you cannot come in.

The Tories of course are petrified that the `comet tail` voters identified in the polls are very shallow and can fall off to the Lib Dems at any time. These are the last five percent who are particularly ambivalent to the Tories and would as soon vote Lib Dem if they thought it made a difference.

Someone on OUTeverywhere kindly helped me out:

I agree that these Downing Street petitions are perfectly useless in terms of acheiving any direct outcome. At their absolute best they might let a bit of real, unmediated public opinion into the shuttered heart of the Downing Street bunker, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Fortunately we can all (those of us with UK voting rights anyway) have a say in Mr Brown’s fate by using our vote to decrease the number of Labour MPs returned at the next election and removing Labour’s Commons majority. A bit tough on some Labour people who might be very good constituency MPs, but I’m afraid all’s fair in love, war and politics.


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