Posted by: John | April 23, 2009

Miranda Grell out campaigning in Redbridge?

Readers might remember seeing her comment on my blog regarding Harry Cohen and his expenses.

I maintain my innocence and continue to fight to clear my name. Once I do I shall be seeking a retraction from you and the removal of my name from this article. Best wishes. Miranda Grell

As Mark Pack has already shown that she has lost her case TWICE in a court of law I will not bow to her bullying any longer since apparently she’s been `knocking up` in Wanstead. I’m all in favour of those that show remorse and, with the grace of those with whom they work, start community action. What are unforgiveable are veiled threats.

Is Miranda Grell mad or simply an arrogant bully? No I think she’s just the usual arrogant bullying new labourite.


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