Posted by: John | April 23, 2009

BNP and the BBC

I have sent a complaint to the BBC regarding their wholly biased programme about Nick Griffin and the NW European elections. The whole narrative of the programme was `It’s Labour or the BNP for white working class communities in the NW`.

They interspersed interviews with local people who support the BNP (note: not ones that don’t) with interviews with Nick Griffin that weren’t too piercing. To be fair Griffin wore his racist views on his sleeve.

What was unforgiveable was that there were NO interviews with Chris Davies MEP or any Liberal Democrat. This is not a tangential point – they used the Moston by-election in North Manchester as the pivotal point and spoke to Labour and BNP candidates. That was an election at which the only parties to increase their percentages were the BNP and, wait for it, the Liberal Democrats! Indeed when the result was announced (BNP surname Adams, Labour surname Tavernor they ONLY used those two result figures leaving out the names in between being CON and LD!)

What is it with the `Liberal Left` that they want to talk up Griffin and the BNP? Increase the Labour vote? Create work for themselves? Raise up Griffin and if he wins have a lot of copy and if he doesn’t err a lot of copy? It stinks.

The Indy went to town before the Castle Ward by-election in Carlisle the Sunday before.  After ten leaflets, street stalls every weekend as well as full canvassing they came third with 20%. Was there a follow-up article in the Indy – not a bit of it.

Well Liberal Revolution’s had enough. Where are those Chris Davies European Focus leaflets!


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