Posted by: John | April 23, 2009

A fork in the road

There can’t be a single Labour activist that would delight in campaigning now and say that all is well in the world of New Labour. In fact it’s so bad that in National terms Labour are finished for a generation. So much squandered trust, money and hope. I have to take my hat off to Darling (he’s the best of a bad bunch) when he feebly declared in response to Evan Davies’s point of `what’s left of New Labour?` with the only defence going `Labour did put a lot of money into schools and hospitals and no other parties said they were against it`. I mean it’s shockingly weak, broadbrush and crude.

It does though highlight the extraordinarily bullying philistine way of new Labour – we’re right, you’re wrong and unpatriotic/stupid/ungenerous (delete as applicable) if you disagree. Don’t ask questions that’s not your place. How the arrogant smile has been wiped from their faces.

But what now?

Know of a seat near you that needs help? Go and spare an hour or two. Got a letter to write to the local paper – send it in.

Yesterday marked the start of a new age – we have every right to be a player in the game. Nay, we have a duty.

In their heart of hearts the British electorate are sick of being told lies and the belief that one strong Government can solve all their problems. They probably DO want a coalition between a reformed Tory Party and the Lib Dems though we mustn’t campaign on that basis. Be proud, be strong and courageous – let no stone left unturned whether it’s the marginal votes we achievet in Millionaires row or the majority we can achieve in a council estate near you.

Cometh the hour cometh the men and women.


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