Posted by: John | April 21, 2009

Labour’s electoral strategy in tatters

Everything that Gordon Brown does is POLITICAL. That’s why he’s such a crap Prime Minister. Yes Politics and let’s get this straight, psephology, is his guiding star – the problem is that he’s not very good at it.

The 10p fiasco was based around the old nostrum of `keeping the Lab/Con floating voter` happy in some Middle England polling district in Milton Keynes. In essence the Labour strategy for EVERYTHING is based around a binary narrative with the idea that the Labour vote have nowhere else to go.

That’s the whole purpose of Brown’s `global` meme – `it’s either us or the `do nothing` Tories` – `The Liberals (sic) aren’t involved`.

That’s until the pesky Vince Cable became so popular and made the Lib Dems the foremost Party for economic competence. That was until those pesky Lib Dems under Nick Clegg and his friends Jo, Lynne, Chris, Norman etc etc forced, through sheer intellectual elan and courage, a third narrative thus helping to free democracy to make it more competitive.

Labour hate it of course preferring the cosy closed two-party world of years ago.

The more they hate it the more I like it. Keep on doing it Nick, Vince and all the others – we are willing you on – keep on going Nick – don’t give up!


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