Posted by: John | April 14, 2009

How far should the Lib Dems distance themselves from Labour?

From my polling today as far as Saturn is away from the Earth!

Seriously, you can’t go far enough from Labour right now.

That leaves us with what we do with the Tories. We attack them on areas of policy until the votes are in. That means ruthlessly targetting like Genghis Khan.

Britain was teetering on the edge of a collective decision that was confirmed in spades over the weekend. They’ve had enough – they realise they don’t want the renewal of a Labour Government. That doesn’t mean they particularly want a Tory one!

They don’t actually know what they want. I figure that last 4% of the 41% Tory poll number is as shallow as stream in August and it’s these people in our own target seats as well as the ex-Labour lot we need to be communicating with as much as possible. We have at least 16% core vote with another 1% that are Cable/Clegg voters from not voting. We just need to add the `Tory tailenders` (the 41% is a bit like a comet with the 37% – 41% being like a tail) and the ex-labour lot who are heartily sick of Labour and want honesty and competence from their Government.

So let’s get cracking!



  1. Well that answers one of my questions 🙂

  2. I actually have a correspondent who sees the past hundred years’ as a complete reversal of “left” and “right” in politics.

    He says that before that liberals were “the left” and conservatives were “the right” nice and easy, just as they would have been in the National Assembly in Paris. Radical, anti-establishment and privilege left and church and king right.

    Then the socialists appeared, and were actually to the right of the conservatives – everything to be regimented, planned and so on. But they have for some reason been able to get away with calling themselves the “left” and corrupting the very meaning of the word.

    So by rights, if you pardon the pun, we should be further away from this pseudo-left, which is actually to the right of the tories (and is being showed up as such now in their Gramsci-Marxist new world order stuff).

    Of course, many in the party would not understand this, having been thoroughly conned into the idea that we obviously share more with confiscatory redistributist (which must necessarily be authoritarian to achieve its ends and maintain its power) parties than with conservatives.

    Ho hum.

  3. […] answer to the question “How far should the Lib Dems keep away from Labour?” is “as far away as Saturn is from the Earth“. He’s been doing actual […]

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