Posted by: John | April 14, 2009

Did the `boom` hide sociopaths?

I fear that there are a lot of wreckage still to appear from the artificial boom that was created. In my minds eye I can see two pictures one of a beautiful sea which looks very inviting then another where the illusion is shattered and a whole host of junk appears. Reality appears.

One of the things it has shown up in light relief is the sociopathic behaviours it hid.

I mean who IS `Fred the Shred`? All these other people who fed off the system until it collapsed. Let’s be clear I’m not talking about COMPETITION and getting to the top. I’m talking about getting to the top regardless of your own skills and talents.

I mean if it was you that had failed so spectacularly like Goodwin wouldn’t you be horrified, shame-faced and guilt-ridden. One of the ways to pick them out apparently is a complete lack of shame or guilt.

Most people would have realised they’d had enough money to live on then would have put most of the pension into some trust fund. Should they have wanted to redeem themselves after failing so spectacularly they would have assisted perhaps by claiming expenses of about £50 a day (or for free!) before slinking off and taking counselling for our past mistakes.

Not Fred Goodwin – oh no. He had to manipulate the system (these ridiculous NEDs that were around and still are at RBS) probably charming the pants off them so that he could gain the extra money (for sociopaths no amount of money is ever enough – all they are interested in is winning and making pots of it).

This begs the other question – which sociopaths were in Downing Street? Could it be that the `boom` for new Labour has ended and what we are seeing is a similar wreckage at the heart of their operations.

Was it also the case that the Public’s focus on Fred the shred was to do with the moral outrage of those that realised that it wasn’t just the money that was outrageous but the reviling of a sociopath and sociopathic behaviours that had got us here in the first place. Was it an uprising of the non-sociopaths?


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