Posted by: John | April 13, 2009

Is Lynne supping from the conservative spoon

I’ve received a general email and looked at Lynne Featherstone’s blog regarding this lap dancing club. I fear it begs more questions than answers.

The problem is that I think Lynne is doing something that she’s a bit bad at – being populist without having thought the whole issue through. We’ve all been there – locals jumping up and down about this and that and yes there is a need for representation. The problem is that in a Liberal society there needs to be more than just bandying about of broadbrush slogans and the feeding peoples prejudices.

It would I have thought been better if Lynne had stayed above the fray on this one and let the Lib Dem cllrs fight for local people on the licensing application.

I add again to my last blog that I have no interest whatsoever in lapdancing clubs (I’m Gay and don’t have to pay for thrills – I can get thrills cheap or as luxurious as I want free of charge!) My own feeling is that there’s now an overdone feminist agenda emanating particularly from new Labour that tends to ignore the differences between men and women and is basically  designed to neuter heterosexual men.

I have no problems with the ensuring the safety of women (or of anyone else come to that) or in empowering them to gain equal pay or resist the advances of men. I do though believe in empowering women to NOT have to resist the advances of men should that be their free choice. Obviously to do so to feed an addiction is pretty demeaning. I’m talking though about the idea that women might actually WANT to be lapdancers!(gulp!)

Some of the things in Lynne’s blog though are pretty lame.She states:

`Whilst I don’t believe government should be in the business of banning lap-dancing clubs from existing – people should be free to choose – there’s a time and a place, most particularly a place, for such establishments. I don’t believe that they should be sited right next to schools, near to vulnerable young people or in a busy shopping street in the middle of residential area.`

So Lynne, if someone approached you saying where WOULD be a suitable site (after all you say that they shouldn’t be banned) what would be your answer?

Lynne, schools are open mainly in the day – the times when men would want to go to lapdancing clubs I’d imagine would be exactly the opposite of times when kids would be in a school. They’d be off having sleepovers with their mates or playing with computer games.

The other strange idea is that men that go to lapdancing clubs would have any interest in vulnerable young people or be a threat to them. What is it that you’d think might happen to these young people (who obviously do need to be protected as a general statement of the obvious) I think Lynne you should tell us exactly what  problems would happen with these people should a lapdancing club exist. I don’t understand that one – is there something I’ve missed out?

I take your point about shopping streets (often in London there are flats above shops) and these people are usually at the bottom of the privately rented/bought ladder. I feel they suffer enough and I lived in one myself. However, does this establishment pertain to that – what else could it be turned into in these hard luck times? Would not a lapdancing club that is closely controlled be better than what I used to have to suffer – a notorious nightclub with kids bellowing outside at all hours of the day and night. Surely the new licensing regulations would kick in for the lapdancing club on that one.

Liberal revolution is fully in favour of people having more local control through their elected representatives – though politics isn’t just about representing people but actually LEADING by thought through ideas.

I think we are in danger of demonising men on this.

Am I right?



  1. Yes you are right

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