Posted by: John | April 11, 2009

How to tackle the BNP

First off, DON’T PANIC!

The BNP have limited potential appeal. Where they don’t do streetwork not many support them – and don’t forget just because someone says `oh I agree with that` doesn’t mean they support their whole agenda or that they’ll vote for them.

Remember there are far more people who are against them than for them – it’s only when they consider that the BNP might grasp power in their area that they start to think about voting against them.

There are four main groups who are potential BNP supporters:

1. Out and out fascists and others of the `Far Right` – this group needs no further introduction suffice to say you won’t be able to convert them

2. Erstwhile `non-voters` – often `Mr Angrys` these are people who perhaps used to vote Labour (until about 2005) or have never voted who are taken in by the BNP’s simple narrative. They may not have adequate accommodation or employment and are looking to send a message. These people can be won over by economic arguments and facts.

3. The political rebels – these people are not racist but may have voted BNP `to send a shock to the system`. They have a solid history of voting (usually for Labour in the past) even perhaps community work and are the easiest group to win over. They just want to be heard and for someone to show them some common sense and action on the ground.

4. The `loony right` – often hyper-paranoid and extremely parochial and inward-looking. There is nothing much you can do except point out local action and try to reassure them that the world isn’t doomed.

Remember BNP `supporters` don’t go round with two heads and five feet. They are worth engaging and approaching on an equal level – what’s the worst that can happen – they’ll vote BNP? They particularly welcome people who are `straight talking` and if you disagree just say so (excepting group 1 of course).

How can you win against them?

Engaging with them yet tackling the BNP as a party head on by exposing the real BNP.

In Burnley the Lib Dems took them on by showing that there was an alternative to Labour neglect. Never be frightened of the BNP activists etc, always stand up to them and show that your main concern is fighting for local people and that the Lib Dems under Clegg/Cable have solutions.

It’s as simple as that.



  1. So all the thousands of people who are already voting for the BNP are either misled or racists, (by the way I have never yet seen an instance of their racism exposed). I have seen it with the Lib/Lab/Con system that give grants to immigrants for studies and denies them to the English. I have also seen jobs available to so called ethnic groups but again not for the English. If you deny this then I can supply many, many cases for you. Why is it not racist to have a Black Police Organization but racist to have a white one.
    You also say to confront them. If that is so why, oh why does your party along with the others refuse to take them head on in a television broadcast, they are more than willing but obviously not your party. You are not afraid surely?
    Last, whatever happened to democracy and the quote that,’ I may disagree with what you say but I would defend to the death your right to say it.’

  2. Perhaps you can give examples of where this is happening? Let’s be serious there’s no real need for a White Police Association – if White policemen were a minority it would probably exist though. Perhaps you can also explain why you think these things are so much more important than actually tackling the economic problems we face right now. Oh don’t tell me, `send em back to where they come from and we’ll all be fine`. Yes there are greviances on Housing (my big H) but that is a general issue. Yes there’s no reason why immigration should be `the third rail` of British politics.

    As for the Lib Dems they wish to make it easier for people to go to University/College by cutting tuition fees etc

    And for the thousands of people that vote BNP a lot of them are simply fed up with Labour and are not particularly committed to your Party. I actually don’t think that the Lib Dems would deny you your right to televised/radio debates and I personally think that there SHOULD be with ALL parties including the Greens and Respect. I think you’d probably come off the worse as I don’t think your policies would stand up to close scrutiny – yeh I know you’re terribly discriminated against as a Party yawn). Nick Griffin and Paxman/Humphries – nah I can’t see it being a pretty site for Nick Griffin – I’d love to see it though!

  3. Unless my memory fails me, didn’t Gloucestershire Police recently illegally exclude white males from a recent recruitment drive. Hmm is that discrimination against a minority or not.

    How are you going to cut tuition fees, print more money!!

    The Liberal Democrats would not deny them the right to television debates. Hmm haven’t most of your leading politicians refused to be on the same platform as them.

    So their policies wouldn’t stand up to close scrutiny. Hmm aren’t the Liberal Democrats the party that promises a referendum on Lisbon and then votes with the government to force the policy through, compounding the deceit by trying to suggest they really wanted an in or out question.

    There’s only one thing worse than an arrogant government like Labour, and thats an arrogant bunch of no hopers like the Liberal Democrats, who despite having 10 % of the seats in the house of commons have been an absolute and total failure as a party of opposition. The one thing that the rise of the BNP if it happens will ensure, is that your pointless party will eventually return to the time when all the MP’s can go home in the same Taxi.

  4. I keep on hearing about this taxi – at the moment someone on another site suggests that the Lib Dem MPs now can go round in a taxi (all 63 of them!) – you can rest assured of one thing at the next GE it will be a waste of money ordering one as there won’t be any MPs to put in it!

    As usual the BNP are obsessed with taking a black and white issue on the narrow reactionary topics of race and Europe.

    Give them an inch they’ll take a mile – I mentioned that I’d WELCOME a debate involving all parties – of course that never gets mentioned or thanked and they wonder why people aren’t nice to them. In reality they’re the nasty party.

    As for the debate – I’d WELCOME it because I’d like to see Nick Griffin get a pasting from Paxman/Humphries or any second or third rate interviewer!

    PS How’s it going in the BNP `heartland` of Burnley lol

  5. I’d answer your post in a constructive manner, but its such a disjointed load of twaddle, its barely worth commenting on. You say you would welcome the debate, is that you personally because most of your party hierachy seem to want to run a mile. you also seem to suggest in your first paragraph that the Liberal Democrats won’t get any MP’s, I think you are wrong there, although if you keep up your good work you are as likely as anybody to encourage your dwindling voter base to go somewhere else.

    For your information I am not a supporter of the BNP neither do I live in Burnley, but unlike yourself and others like you I do not slavishly follow doctrine, I believe in democracy and am prepared to listen to all views and form my own opinions.

    I appreciate in your anal retentive world of self delusion, anybody who disagrees with you might seem reactionary, but it may surprise you to know that I came hear as a floating voter to get a flavour of Liberal Democracy, and I can categorically state that as an advocate for liberal values, you would make an excellent sewerage worker.

    This site is called Liberal Revolution, ‘Exploring the Frontiers of Liberal Democracy’.
    Aptly named, your presumption that anybody who disagrees with you on a topic such as this is automically tagged as BNP, is not liberal although it is certainly revolting, and you are certainly exploring the frontiers of something, but I would have thought a more apt title would be Liberal Fascism

  6. Yeh like your last paragraph sets you out as a `floating voter`. Chum I do polling as a living and the amount of floating voters that would ever consider the Lib Dems that talk like you do is none ie

    `There’s only one thing worse than an arrogant government like Labour, and thats an arrogant bunch of no hopers like the Liberal Democrats, who despite having 10 % of the seats in the house of commons have been an absolute and total failure as a party of opposition. The one thing that the rise of the BNP if it happens will ensure, is that your pointless party will eventually return to the time when all the MP’s can go home in the same Taxi.`

    I can count on one finger

    I’ve put you in the BNP/UKIP box and I don’t think you’d really disagree.

    Now stop wasting my time you have your views and I have mine.

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