Posted by: John | April 10, 2009

Vote Labour to get rid of the BNP

That’s the broadbrush Mandelsonian spin being put on the Euros now that Labour have just woken up to the fact that many of their voters are splitting off to BNP/LD/Tory.

Note there’s no policies or indication that they might have caused the rise of the BNP. Oh no. Just herding people like sheep with cattle prods into the polling booths with no idea as to WHY they should vote Labour at the European level.

Meanwhile on other sites Labour’s loyalists are raising the narrative as described by one deluded soul:

The current world financial crisis was caused by the SYSTEM created by Margaret Thatcher before 1997 which started in the UK and then spread worldwide.

That system deified free market capitalism, and condemned state regulation as socialism. Public opinion until 2008 believed that the Thatcherite settlement was sacrosanct and no Labour government would have been elected if it had pledged to change it.

The Recession is a world recession caused by the failure of unregulated free market capitalism globally -the very system that the tories espouse. Indeed they still vote Margaret Thatcher, the champion of that system the greatest prime minister of all time.

To blame Gordon Brown for that recession is ludicrous and opportunist.

I note Glenda Jackson said the same at the town hall meeting in Hampstead – it’s all the voters fault they can’t keep up!



  1. How can you get rid of a political party in a democracy. This is a total farce leave BNP alone and vote for another party if you dont like their policies for gods sake… how ridiculous and out of proportion this is. If BNP have good policies that people like they will get voted for if they dont they wont simple. Grow up. Not all people will like the party voted in just like how not everyone likes Labour.

    • If you actually READ the post you’d understand that I was saying that Labour were saying that and not the Lib Dems. Why is it that people on the far right that comment on my blog are such thickoes?

  2. Presumably because you routinely censor all the comments that hit the mark.

  3. Did you actually read the thread? Everyone knows you’re completely obsessed with the Serb conflict and a complete freak.

  4. If you mean everybody knows i oppose genocide then you have a point.

    All your answer proves is that on those rare occasions when you decide not to censor your only possible answer to factual points is ad hominum attacks (as your answer to John also shows).

    In this you are typical of your corrupt, racist, genocide supporting party..

  5. Again please re-read the original post. There’s this thing called `context` – please gain some perspective so that you see the context. Let me say this very slowly – the phrase `vote labour to get rid of the BNP` is one used by the Labour Party for their own electoral self-interests as they are disliked by many people so they put up a `bogeyman`. That was what I was writing about.

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