Posted by: John | April 10, 2009

Can we just get off mens’ backs?

Am I the only person a bit fed up of politicians (particularly Labour female ones) putting men down – I mean heterosexual men with a healthy libido.

If it’s not wanting to put `Nuts` and the like on the top shelf (a Gay mate of mine said to a straight friend who had just bought it `the only thing real in that is the date`) but I digress. Then it’s the easy target of `sex shops and lap dancing clubs`.

The former tends to be `too near schools` or `too near to residential areas` regardless of the fact that they are the most stringently licensed retail environment in the UK. Yes they need to be sensitively placed but they shouldn’t be a planning battering ram for the prurient or jealous.

I remember the actions of  the current chair of licensing in Stockport when a license renewal application came in for a particular sex shop.

He went over to the other side of the road on a Saturday morning in which a shopping centre exists. The distance from the shops to the sex shop was about 200 yards. Using a clipboard he asked whether or not anyone could tell him where the sex shop was. Not a single soul knew or even cared.

The same goes for lap dancing clubs. The new legislation needs to be utilised (don’t worry the libido will scent it out these clubs like a dog on heat wherever they are granted) yet they are legal and are allowed to be granted.

I know these things are easy targets – as Liberal Democrats though I think we must be very clear about the proper grounds for challenging them.

Now, where did I put that Clone Zone catalogue?


  1. If you can afford to shop at Clone Zone, you’re obviously being paid too much

  2. I just like looking at the pictures!

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